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Smart ID Roller - Identity Theft Protection Stamp

Smart ID Roller - Identity Theft Protection Stamp

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Stop battling with shredders, or stamps that ran out too fast. With this Smart ID Roller you will save time and money.

With this easy and small theft protection system, Instead of spending hours to shred your valuable identity information just simply roll  and move on.


  • EASY TO USE: Just rolls on and on to cover your confidential information. The stamp automatically re-inks itself each time it completes a full rotation. Smart ID roller is handheld, portable, and easy to store away.

  • PRIVACY PROTECTION: Blocks out confidential information in one swipe! Applies a special encrypted ink to hide your address, social security, account numbers, or personal information on documents, prescription bottles or medical records.


  • EXCELLENT ALTERNATIVE TO A SHREDDER: A much more convenient, less expensive and effective protection alternative to shredding.

  • REFILLABLE AND REUSABLE: Don't worry when you run out, the roller edge has oil holes, which can be refilled and reused, no need to replace the roller, saving your time and money. (excluding refill ink)

Package includes: 1 Smart ID Roller

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